Pharmacy Division

SOLA NEON PHARMACY specializes in the design and construction of LED crosses and signs, as well as internal graphics solutions.

After a careful study of the needs of the pharmacist, the company introduced the SLIM 3D DESIGN LED cross, only 9 cm thick, with high brightness and an intuitive programming software with remote control, in order to give more visibility and a modern design to your pharmacy.

In 2015 Sola Neon implemented its own production with WEIGHING SCALE "Sonar 2.0" from Tencnilab design. Furthermore with Massimiliano Enrici's commercial management, who has twenty years experience in the industry of pharmaceutical equipment, the pharmacy division was created with a 360 degree service for pharmacists, offering blood pressure monitors, medical equipment, precision scales, refrigerators, as well as LED crosses and signs produced by solaneon.

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